Top 10 Things A new Mother must know!

Top 10 Things A New Mother Must Know
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Top 10 things a New Mother Must know

# 1. Don’t let the baby eat dirt

(If the baby poops green…don’t worry)

#2 Don’t let the baby eat grass

#3 If the baby screams when you take away the bottle, chances are you didn’t put enough rum in it

#4 Should a rash develop, have yourself checked out immediately

#5 Mother in laws who think you are incompetent give helpful advice can become clumsy around this oughta take care of the old bat accidental kitchen spills

#6 Teething is normal. Stay away from baby if urge continues

#7 Don’t try to pawn the gas smell on the baby. We all know it was you

#8 Mothers and fathers do things differently and that’s o.k. The baby will grow up to know the truth love you both and realize that you are always there for them I do way more

#9 Sucking snot out of baby’s noise is to be expected. Using a straw is not.

#10 If screaming and crying persist, go into another room or you will wake the baby

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