December Newsletter Freebie!!!

I just finished with the December newsletter and put it on Teachers pay Teachers!! There are 13 different styles for you, so you can pick the one you love the best!!!  Here is the link to the newsletter!!  Please leave some awesome feedback for me.

Here is a few examples of what the newsletters look like!! 

I hope you enjoy using them and have a wonderful day!!!


November newsletter freebie!!

Here is one of the styles of the newsletter!!!  If you go to TpT, you will be able to download the set.  There are 5 different styles for November!!
Thanks and I hope you enjoy this freebie!!!
Have a great day,



Taking the day off

Taking the day off to go to the dentist.  Not my favorite place at all!!! Hoping for a quick painless visit!!! The waiting is the worst haha!! Just sitting here waiting for someone to dig around on your mouth and point out what you need done :). Smiles - I hope everyone is having an awesome day!  It's beautiful outside, but it's calling for rain by the end if the week.


Lazy Sundays

Having a relaxing Sunday with my family. Husband and son are busy watching tv.  I'm sewing Adam a couple pairs of pants for school.  I didn't know how to see until Adam needed me too!  He has such a sensitive problem with clothes.  I'm hoping he outgrows it or is able to wear jeans in a few years.  I can only make one style now an they remind me of my grandpa and his favorite pants haha!  They are comforable and easy to wear, but not in style at all.  But they are fine for second grade.  I might just take a class!!!

I'm also putting items in my wishlist for TpT!! Loving all the stores having sales this weekend!!!

I hope everyone is having a great day!

All about emotions

I just finished my All about emotions unit!!!  This is one of my favorite units I have made so far.  This is so helpful with children who have special needs.  It is a great learning tool to teach about feelings.

You can find it on TpT here:

I hope you and your students love it as much as I do!!!

Have an awesome day!!!

Pumpkin math

I just posted Pumpkin math in Teachers pay Teachers.  I love the pumpkins I used, I got them from  I love all the clipart she makes, it is totally adorable!!

I priced this unit at $1.75 and put it on sale - so today you will get 10% off because TpT is throwing a sale and then you will get another 20% off because I put my store on sale!!!

I hope you and your students love it!!!

Here is a freebie for you to use in class!!  It's a newsletter for October!!

If you go to TpT you can download it and enter your own text in each box!!

Thanks and have an awesome day!!


Teachers pay Teachers is having flash sale

Congrats to TpT for reaching 100K followers on Facebook!!!  They're having a flash sale and giving 10% off!!!  I have my store on sale also, you will get another 20% off everything in my store!!!

Happy birthday packet free until Sunday night!!

Today is my son's birthday, so I'm putting my birthday packet on sale at Teachers pay Teachers.  It will be on sale until Sunday night!!!  I hope you like it and will leave me some feedback love!!

I hope you enjoy this packet and can use it in your classroom!!! Thank you and have a wonderful day!!  I'm going out to dinner with my little man!


It's all about me poster

I love this poster!!! Very creative and colorful :)

Bright and colorful room decor with a freebie

I just finished my bright and colorful room décor and love it!  I hope you love it too.  I love bright, fun and happy colors and this just makes me happy.

Here is a freebie for you to use that goes with the Bright and colorful room décor!! This set has labels of each month and every day of the week.

You can find the freebie on Teachers pay Teachers.  Here is the link

The Bucket list unit also matches this set. You can find it here on Teachers pay Teachers
Enjoy the freebie and check out my Teachers pay Teachers store to see all of my other packets.  There are other room decors that you might like better :)
Have a great Monday!!!

Bucket filler unit on Teachers pay Teachers

I just finished this packet and want to show you how cute it turned out!! You can click on the link and it will take you right to Teachers pay Teachers for you to see more pictures. 

I hope you and your students enjoy using it this year!  I really enjoyed making this set and it going along with my bright and colorful room décor!  So everything matches and looks super cute!



My nephew and his bride :)

Congratulations to my nephew and his bride, they just got married in Vegas!!!


Adams new shoes

So excited to see the mailman today!!!! Adam will only wear crocs and the bottoms are always slippery.  But I found these sweet crocs on amazon!!! The bottoms are just like tennis shoes.  They are much better for gym, I am on cloud nine!!!


My pet peeve on "the autistic kid"

I have been reading some blogs about autism today.  All of the blogs were interesting and  informative with good ideas.  But my biggest pet peeve is someone saying "the autistic kid"   - come on, are you seriously going to use that label????   I have a child with autism and he is just that - a child with autism.  Not the autistic child.

For those of you reading this and not understanding what the differences is - here are a couple examples:

1. the diabetes kid                  or a child with diabetes
2. the cancer kid                    or a child with cancer
3. the heart problem kid        or a child with a heart problem

Now do you see what I am trying to say?

The health,  mental, social, physical challenges/problems with children should not be the definition of a child.  When I think of Adam - there are hundreds of characteristics that come to mind before autism.  And I hope all of the people in his life feel the same way about him. 

Well this ends my little soap box rant.  I'm off to put Legos together with ADAM.


Getting posters and work stations ready

I've been very busy this week getting ready for school to start!!  I have my clock area set up laminated, so we can write on it.  The sight words are very easy to change the laminating sheets for new words and I love the crayon!!!  I'm using a picture frame with a write on sheet in it, so I can write the homework and erase it daily.  

I will be working on the spelling words area and storytown next!!!  I love having everything where we can easily see it and know what is going on throughout the week.


Our family rules

I just finished making this poster for our family rules.  I put it in the kitchen, so it will be seen the most.  It was there or the bathroom haha!  Adam has finally started repeating swear words!! Grrrr his teachers are not going to like this, especially since the worst one is his favorite.  We have been hanging with a lot of people who swear, he's heard it on the computer and TV and from family.  I'm hoping we can cut down the rude words before August 28th when school starts!!! fingers crossed.


Sewing pants and school

If you have read my blog you know my little boy has autism.  He has a sensitivity issue with the feel of clothing.  I have to make his pants for him and use a very soft material.  Since he has grown 3 inches over the summer, I have to make all new pants before the school year begins.  I wasn't the best seamstress before having my son, and it still isn't one of my favorite activities.  But I have figure out the best material and how to make them look nice on him, so he isn't getting made fun of at school.

He will be in second grade and during the time at school the last two year, kids say the cruelest things and the name calling is very hurtful.  Adam hates school and cries every morning.  He is very smart and gets good grades, but doesn't understand the grading system.  Getting an A is the same as a F in for him, it's just a letter.  Thankfully he never gets Fs. 

I'm stressing more this school year then the last two, I'm hoping for a teacher who knows about autism.  Last year the teacher isn't understand it and didn't want to.  He wouldn't talk with any of the children with autism.  Thank goodness they all have an AS room too!! 

Every year he goes to school and then he comes home and I homeschool him the things they say he cannot or wouldn't learn there.  I do not want him behind or failing.  I have set up an area and have been getting everything ready for him and making and laminating tons of things.  He is a hands on learner and needs the extra stuff to help him understand.


Adam and me

I love this picture of us - he makes me smile everyday!!!


Dr. Seuss poster

I've been making freebies to put on Teachers pay teachers the last two weeks.  With school starting soon I haven't got to far, but I'm trying to get all my posters made.  As I make them I will be sharing them with you.  I totally love Dr. Seuss and I love this poster!!!  My son loves all of the books too.  On his seventh birthday we through him a huge Dr. Seuss party, so I have tons of wall items.  I will be using them this year and I am sure they will be a huge hit!!

Getting ready for the school year to begin

I have been so busy getting ready for the school year to begin, I have had time to think!  I'm in the middle of making monthly calendars.  I want them all to have different themes, September I'm doing The three little pigs.  It is coming out so cute and I'm adding activities and games to go along with the themes.  There is so much fun things to add with them.  It's going to be a fun year!!!


Second Grade Facebook Hop!!

There is an awesome second grade facebook hop going on right now!!!    Head over to to join in on the fun!!!!

  Here is the information: Hey everyone! Welcome to the Second Grade Facebook Hop!! Here is how this works:
1. Click on a blog button below to go to their Facebook page.
2. When you are at their Facebook page, look for the button below to grab the freebie! Look for this button:

3. Close out that window and it should take you back here to go to the next one!

4. Enjoy!! :) This will start SATURDAY, JULY 20th and ends Sunday, July 21st! Don't forget to enter the Rafflecopter below to for a chance to win an AMAZING prize!!

Winner's Choice from all our stores! (23 prizes!!)

Good luck to everyone!!! I'm on my way to start hopping!!!


My new teachers pay teacher item! ~ Please remember to wash your hands

I have been busy making posters for our room!!!  Here is a freebie I hope you love!  I know younger kids always need to be reminded to wash their hands and I think this will be cute in the restrooms.

Please come to teachers pay teachers and check out my other items.  Thanks!!


Adding social media buttons!

I just made my facebook and twitter buttons!! Yeah!! I thought it was going to be a little harder, thank goodness it was so easy!!

Second grade sight words

I am just starting to make up worksheet and ideas for school. Here are a small unit on sight words.