Taking the day off

Taking the day off to go to the dentist.  Not my favorite place at all!!! Hoping for a quick painless visit!!! The waiting is the worst haha!! Just sitting here waiting for someone to dig around on your mouth and point out what you need done :). Smiles - I hope everyone is having an awesome day!  It's beautiful outside, but it's calling for rain by the end if the week.


Lazy Sundays

Having a relaxing Sunday with my family. Husband and son are busy watching tv.  I'm sewing Adam a couple pairs of pants for school.  I didn't know how to see until Adam needed me too!  He has such a sensitive problem with clothes.  I'm hoping he outgrows it or is able to wear jeans in a few years.  I can only make one style now an they remind me of my grandpa and his favorite pants haha!  They are comforable and easy to wear, but not in style at all.  But they are fine for second grade.  I might just take a class!!!

I'm also putting items in my wishlist for TpT!! Loving all the stores having sales this weekend!!!

I hope everyone is having a great day!

All about emotions

I just finished my All about emotions unit!!!  This is one of my favorite units I have made so far.  This is so helpful with children who have special needs.  It is a great learning tool to teach about feelings.

You can find it on TpT here:

I hope you and your students love it as much as I do!!!

Have an awesome day!!!

Pumpkin math

I just posted Pumpkin math in Teachers pay Teachers.  I love the pumpkins I used, I got them from  I love all the clipart she makes, it is totally adorable!!

I priced this unit at $1.75 and put it on sale - so today you will get 10% off because TpT is throwing a sale and then you will get another 20% off because I put my store on sale!!!

I hope you and your students love it!!!

Here is a freebie for you to use in class!!  It's a newsletter for October!!

If you go to TpT you can download it and enter your own text in each box!!

Thanks and have an awesome day!!


Teachers pay Teachers is having flash sale

Congrats to TpT for reaching 100K followers on Facebook!!!  They're having a flash sale and giving 10% off!!!  I have my store on sale also, you will get another 20% off everything in my store!!!