Adam with his cousins

Adam hanging with his cousins tonight!!!!  They had the best time! I am so thankful my sister watched him tonight, so Matt and I could go out together. 

Anniversary day with Matty

Spent the day with Matty for our anniversary. We went to Famous Dave's for dinner which is sssoooooooooooooo good!!! And did lots of shopping :) We had a great time together and enjoyed the beautiful weather. I cannot believe we have married nine years.


Covergirl and Olay foundation and press powder!


          Luminous coverage for ageless, radiant looking skin!

I love Covergirl and Olay make up, it is smooth, soft and makes my face look flawless.

I am a bzzagent and received this campaign, which I am so excited about and happy to share with all my family, friends and coworkers!

As soon as I received the box ~ I opened it and used it. I had family members stop by that focused quickly how beautiful and glowing my face looked, which made me very happy! I received coupons with the makeup and everyone has been grabbing them up. They also sent a booklet that explains the facts and how to use the product.

I love the design of the bottle. It is a pump, one pump instantly covers discolorations, lines and wrinkles while one bottle hydrates to help improve skin tome over time. I am plenty surprise that it only take one squirt/one pump to cover your whole face. It covers my blemishes, dark circles and laugh lines.

There are 14 different beautiful shades to choose from. If you visit the covergirl site it will help you get shade matched, you will discover tips and looks, and learn more about the product.

To complete your perfect look make sure to use the pressed powder. I love the way it feels, it is not heavy or cakey. It simply gives you a healthy, bright and soft look that hinds all imperfections.

Thank you Covergirl and Olay and Bzzagent for choosing me to bzz about these products. I am in love with them and I am sure you will be also. You can find them at most stores and in lots of shades. Have fun and watch out people will be looking at you and smiling! Trying to figure out what new.


Open house at the school

We took Adam to open house today at West End and he was nervous but happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was so excited to see all the teachers and meet some of the new kids. Aden is still in his classroom, so that made him happy too!!!! We walked around the whole building and found out where everything is, so he won't be as nervous the first day. On the first day he gets to go to music, so that w...
ill make him happy!! Mrs. Clark came over and talked with Adam, telling him how happy she is to see him. He got a huge smile on his face. I am so excited for him to be in first grade and with so many great teachers!!!! I am still VERY NERVOUS about the bus, but I know he will do fine :) He is becoming such a big boy!!! Love him so much!!!!!!!!!



We went to the fair yesterday and had the best time!!!!! Adam loved all the animals, especially the rabbits and chickens. Hopefully, we get up there again this week.


School calendar and chore charts

Adam likes to go to the calendar every morning to see if it is a school or a no school day!!! I just finished making this calendar for the new school year!! He loves it :)

I put the morning chores on one board and the night chores on another board, do it is easy for him to see what needs to be done each day.

Getting ready for first grade!

Adam and I have been shopping for new school clothes and we are almost done :)

Here are the shirts we have picked: