Adam the box robot!!

Adam loves designing boxes into things!  He looks so stinking cute as a robot!!

Adam putting Legos together

This is the first time Adam has followed directions and put Legos together!!!!  Think he did an awesome job!!!

Getting ready for a family picnic

I'm getting the house ready to have all the relatives over tomorrow.  I love having the parties at my home and I enjoy having all my family over.  We always have a great time!!!  This year it's colder then usual so I will be making lots if warm foods!!!!


What a great day!!

Today was the first time my son has followed the instruction in and made something out of Legos!!!! Usually he has me make it and then he takes it apart.  Haha fun - not!! But he worked all day and made batman, hulk, the joker and some alien Lego stuff!!! I'm so proud of him!


Happy Mother's day everyone!!!!  I hope all the mothers have a wonderful happy day!