I hope everyone had a wonderful and joyous christmas!  I know my family had the best christmas - full of love, family, stories, and of course presents.  My husband and I gave each other lists of what we wanted and followed them to a tee.  So, each of us got what we wanted/needed this year.  This is the first year we did a list and knew what we where going to recieve.  I am wondering..... how many couples do the list, still surprise each other, or do not exchange gifts at all?? 

As I talked with some of my friends, I was surprised at how many do not exchange with their husbands.  I love giving gifts and watching people open them.  But I also like recieving gifts and see what the person gets for me, especially from my husband.  We have such fun buying for each other and seeing what we will get.  This year we did buy one for each other that we didn't know about and it was of course my favorite!


Thanksgiving dinner!

This is the first year that my husband and I will be making the whole dinner for all of our family.  I always have it here, but my mom used to do the turkey and stuffing.  This year we are doing it.  I am looking for recipes for both making the turkey and making stuffing.  Only thing is the stuffing cannot have celery or sage in it.  I have family members who are allergic to both ingredients.  Thanks!!

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I am so excited about the holidays coming up!!!!  I love Thanksgiving and Christmas, and love teaching my son the meaning.  This will be the first year that he is excited and telling us what it is he wants.  I am truely thankful for his teachers!!  His speech has come a long way in just a few months.  He loves to color now and has made so many turkeys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am so happy he loves kindergarten!



We took Adam to a Children's hospital on July 27th for an evaluation. The appt went good, we went back and began talking about all of Adam's characteristics and different things he likes to do. She asked a lot of questions and at the end she said there are a lot of red flags pointing to autism. She set up another appt for more screening and time for her to play and interact with Adam. She said she cannot tell us anything until the next visit, which is August 25. Adam did very good all day, but at first was confused why we were there. during all of the talking my sister and him sat and played with zoo animals and trains. He was very patience through it all. I really felt weird sitting there pointing out a 6 year olds problems, like I was pickinng on him but I know it all will help him in the end.... She is going to send me a report from the visit and I should get it in two weeks.


Homeschooling Adam!

We are going to home school Adam this fall, he will be in kindergarten.  Since we are new to homeschooling, any and all advise is appreciated!!  My husband and I both will be teaching him and we are excited :)  We would like to get him involved in extra activites and have been thinking about karate. 

I have another blog "it's all about Adam" that I will be posting all of my homeschooling fun.   I would love more followers on this blog.  If you go and like it please follow me, thanks :)


busy day of fun!

Today was full of adventure.  My husband made me shelves to put up in my bedroom for my office area.  And I love it!!!  I am so busy organizing and putting things in there new place, I am excited :) 

Then this evening we went to my sister in laws house for a cookout and Adam found another kid to hang with and had fun the whole night.  I love seeing him happy and enjoying life.  He is such a wonderful child and full of surprises.  He is a joy to have and I thank God every day for letting me be Adam's mom!


So thankful fo Spring!

I love Spring so much and I am so thankful it is here!!! I love when everything is green and coming alive.  My yard looks so beautiful right now.  We were outside all day mowing and cleaning, getting it ready for summer.  Picnics and cookouts are soon to come!!!


Having fun with Adam

This week we have been watching Winnie the Pooh and doing crafts about all the characters.  We've made paper bag puppets for all of them, except rabbit and piglet.  But we will be making them tomorrow :)

Adam has been having a blast making them and it is fun watching him getting excited.   He has always hated coloring and crafts, but this week that's all he wants to do!!!

Here is the link to go and see the end resolves:  This is my blog about my son.

I hope he continues to love crafting with his momma!!


Loving Blog hops and new friends!

Yesterday I did a lot blog hopping and found a lot of great blogs!!!  I am really interested in going back and learning from them.  I also got a lot of new friends (followers)  added to my blog - thank you all :) 


Simply Delightful Blog hop

Please join me for my first blog hop at here on Simply Delightful!  I look forward to following all of your blogs!! This blog hop will be going on all week!!!!


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Hello to all!!

What a beautiful day today has been! There is lots of snow outside but that's okay we stayed in to play. We have been busy too, I will post pictures later. I have taken Adam out of preschool and would like to do preschool learning at home with him the rest of the year. I am wondering if there is any type of homeschooling for preschoolers????? If anyone knows please help :) I am excited to spend this time with him and have cut my hours at work to be home more.

Thanks :)
Have a wonderful day!!

Friends following friends

Friends following friends


P&G Future friendly challenge!

                                 I am a member of SheSpeaks and I was invited to join the
           P&G Future Friendly Challenge.               

They are committed to helping consumers:

save energy  Save Water,  save water  Save Energy  and reduce waste  Reduce Waste

They sent me a packet of Cascade action pacs  to help me begin my challenge.  I do prewash, so I will be saving water by just putting them into the dishwasher and using the pacs.  I am excited to use them and see how they work! 

About Future Friendly

Future Friendly is a program that empowers consumers to save energy, save water and reduce waste, using science, innovation and unique partnerships to help achieve meaningful environmental impacts. The Future Friendly program is a direct extension of P&G’s long-term commitment and disciplined, science-based approach to environmental innovation. Through the program, P&G is better able to share these solutions with consumers so they can realize the same benefits in their own homes. By taking small steps together with its consumers, P&G believes it can help create big benefits for the planet and ultimately improve lives every day, now and for generations to come. , Join the Future Friendly Challenge to take simple steps to conserve in your home AND get a $10-off coupon for Future Friendly products that save energy, save water, or reduce waste! It's that simple!

The products that help us save energy, water and reduce waste:
Future Friendly Products

   Here is the link to learn more about Futue friendly
   here is the link to join the future friendly challenge

So, I have joined the Future Friendly Challenge. After reading this post - Will you?