I hope everyone had a wonderful and joyous christmas!  I know my family had the best christmas - full of love, family, stories, and of course presents.  My husband and I gave each other lists of what we wanted and followed them to a tee.  So, each of us got what we wanted/needed this year.  This is the first year we did a list and knew what we where going to recieve.  I am wondering..... how many couples do the list, still surprise each other, or do not exchange gifts at all?? 

As I talked with some of my friends, I was surprised at how many do not exchange with their husbands.  I love giving gifts and watching people open them.  But I also like recieving gifts and see what the person gets for me, especially from my husband.  We have such fun buying for each other and seeing what we will get.  This year we did buy one for each other that we didn't know about and it was of course my favorite!


  1. We didn't this year either ;( But we will at the end of the month. This Christmas was mostly about my new baby girl Matilda :))

  2. I love the name Matilda!!! - super cute!

  3. my husband bought me a brand new laptop so I can write and read blogs!
    The whole family just could not wait to give it to me!