We took Adam to a Children's hospital on July 27th for an evaluation. The appt went good, we went back and began talking about all of Adam's characteristics and different things he likes to do. She asked a lot of questions and at the end she said there are a lot of red flags pointing to autism. She set up another appt for more screening and time for her to play and interact with Adam. She said she cannot tell us anything until the next visit, which is August 25. Adam did very good all day, but at first was confused why we were there. during all of the talking my sister and him sat and played with zoo animals and trains. He was very patience through it all. I really felt weird sitting there pointing out a 6 year olds problems, like I was pickinng on him but I know it all will help him in the end.... She is going to send me a report from the visit and I should get it in two weeks.