hurricane Sandy

I am a little nervous about the winds coming!!  I am hoping it calms down soon and passes by us with no damage to anyone's homes.  They are saying it should be really bad in PA starting tomorrow.  I have everything ready ~ flashlights, batteries, water, and food.  Praying for everything to be ok for us and for everywhere it has passed along the way.


It's open house at school

Tonight is open house at Adams school!! I am so excited to go visit his room and see what he has done!!!!!!

Brrr it's cold outside!


My child has autism...

My child has autism.

But that is only one of his many qualities.  He is ~ loving, happy, funny, handsome, strong, respectful, playful, smart, kind, friendly, courageous, forgiving, honest, sensitive, and unselfish.  And the list goes on..  If Autism is all you see then look at what else you are missing!  Take the time to sit down and get to know him.  He is more then you will ever know, if you are too afraid to do more than say hi there and then walk away.  My child is so much more than autism….

Adam’s Awareness-pieces


Adam and his aunt Manda

Photo: Thank you so much for watching Adam and playing with  him :). He loves you tons!!!

Taking an easy day

Adam and I decided to have a movie day and watched a lot of awesome Disney movies!!!!!!! We also went over all of his sight words and I cannot believe how good he is ~ as fast as I could flip the card over he was saying the words!
I love my child with all my heart and I am so thankful I get to spend so much time enjoying his company!!!




Adam with his cousins

Adam hanging with his cousins tonight!!!!  They had the best time! I am so thankful my sister watched him tonight, so Matt and I could go out together. 

Anniversary day with Matty

Spent the day with Matty for our anniversary. We went to Famous Dave's for dinner which is sssoooooooooooooo good!!! And did lots of shopping :) We had a great time together and enjoyed the beautiful weather. I cannot believe we have married nine years.


Covergirl and Olay foundation and press powder!


          Luminous coverage for ageless, radiant looking skin!

I love Covergirl and Olay make up, it is smooth, soft and makes my face look flawless.

I am a bzzagent and received this campaign, which I am so excited about and happy to share with all my family, friends and coworkers!

As soon as I received the box ~ I opened it and used it. I had family members stop by that focused quickly how beautiful and glowing my face looked, which made me very happy! I received coupons with the makeup and everyone has been grabbing them up. They also sent a booklet that explains the facts and how to use the product.

I love the design of the bottle. It is a pump, one pump instantly covers discolorations, lines and wrinkles while one bottle hydrates to help improve skin tome over time. I am plenty surprise that it only take one squirt/one pump to cover your whole face. It covers my blemishes, dark circles and laugh lines.

There are 14 different beautiful shades to choose from. If you visit the covergirl site it will help you get shade matched, you will discover tips and looks, and learn more about the product.

To complete your perfect look make sure to use the pressed powder. I love the way it feels, it is not heavy or cakey. It simply gives you a healthy, bright and soft look that hinds all imperfections.

Thank you Covergirl and Olay and Bzzagent for choosing me to bzz about these products. I am in love with them and I am sure you will be also. You can find them at most stores and in lots of shades. Have fun and watch out people will be looking at you and smiling! Trying to figure out what new.


Open house at the school

We took Adam to open house today at West End and he was nervous but happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was so excited to see all the teachers and meet some of the new kids. Aden is still in his classroom, so that made him happy too!!!! We walked around the whole building and found out where everything is, so he won't be as nervous the first day. On the first day he gets to go to music, so that w...
ill make him happy!! Mrs. Clark came over and talked with Adam, telling him how happy she is to see him. He got a huge smile on his face. I am so excited for him to be in first grade and with so many great teachers!!!! I am still VERY NERVOUS about the bus, but I know he will do fine :) He is becoming such a big boy!!! Love him so much!!!!!!!!!



We went to the fair yesterday and had the best time!!!!! Adam loved all the animals, especially the rabbits and chickens. Hopefully, we get up there again this week.


School calendar and chore charts

Adam likes to go to the calendar every morning to see if it is a school or a no school day!!! I just finished making this calendar for the new school year!! He loves it :)

I put the morning chores on one board and the night chores on another board, do it is easy for him to see what needs to be done each day.

Getting ready for first grade!

Adam and I have been shopping for new school clothes and we are almost done :)

Here are the shirts we have picked:


Field trip day!

Today my son and his class went on a field trip to the zoo ;). We had the best time!!!!! Adam loves all the animals.


Autism society walk

I am so excited about the autism walk this Saturday!!!!! I hope the weather is warm and no rain :)


Happy birthday to my husband

We had the best time celebrating my husbands birthday last night. Thanks to all our great friends :)


Walk for autism

We are going to do the walk for autism next month and I am so excited about it!!  We are walking for the Autism Society.   They are an awesome organization and we are hoping our family is able to learn more about autism and Adam!!


Happy birthday dr. Seuss :)


Stomache flu

My poor little guy and I both have the tummy flu. Hoping it's a 24 hour thing and then it's done!!!


The 7 Secrets of Successful Parents

The 7 Secrets of Successful Parents

Kindergarten work

When I went to kindergarten we colored and napped! My son has started addition! And the teacher said he is doing great!!


No school today

Adam didn't go to school today, but we have been very busy!!!! He cleaned his room and helped clean the living room. Then he played wii for a while and he is very good!!! I have never seen anyone play as well as him. Then it was art time, so he drew the cutest picture of out background. And I love it :)

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to all of my blogging friends!!!  I hope you are all having a wonderful day!!!!

Unconditionally loved

I have never been loved so unconditionally before my little Adam came into my life. Someone with autism loves me and I could not be happier ♥ He is pure love and so sweet.


Happy valentines day

Awww Adam made this for me and I love it!!!!!!

My little green duck :)

I love this picture!!!!  My son is so the little green duck and happily
 marching to the beat of his own drum :)

Autism and school

Since finding out my son is autistic at the end of August, our lives have changed so much.  And I feel it has been for the better.  Because of the abuse he recieved in preschools, he was so afraid of school and teachers.  The first week was pure hell for everyone.  I went in the school and met with the teachers, principal, guidance counselor, speech teacher and took my sister.  We sat and talked about what classes Adam would be taking and how much he would do in the regular classroom.  Because I knew he would be scared and I was overwhelmed with the fear of him being abused once again.  I told them they could only put him in one regular class.  I picked math, knowing it would be the easiest for him.  He is very good in math.

 Then we talked about brining Adam to the school to meet everyone before he started.  We sat in the car for atleast an hour trying to get him out of the car and walk into the school.  He threw the biggest fit I have ever seen.  He was so scared and kept saying don't let them hurt me, please no.  I held back the tears. His teachers and the principal came out to meet and talk with him.  Adam calmed down a little and talked, but still to scared to walk into the school.  My husband carried him in and we told him how much he was going to love it and his teachers were the best.  (all the while praying I wasn't lieing to the child and knowing I would home school him in a minute, if anything went wrong.) 

We got to the autistic classroom and he looked around, jumped on the trampoline, swang in the coolest swing, and sat at his desk.  He is speech delayed but talked with his teacher.  Then he walked by himself to his regular classroom.  He walked around it, sat in his sit and smiled.  The teacher was telling him about the room and he looked at the chalkboard and read off the ABCs and talked about the pictures on the walls.  The teachers were all impressed with how smart he was. Before we left the principal knelt down, took Adam's hands in hers and looked him right in the eyes and told him how happy she that he was coming to school and that he would love it. 

Monday rolled around and getting him ready and into the car was so challenging.  When we got to the school, I cannot remember how long it took to get him out of the car, but Matt carried him in and half way down the hall.  Matt had to put him down because his arms were hurting.  Adam laid down on the floor and threw a fit.  This is the first fit that Adam threw that no one looked at him weird or acting like he was strange, adults or the other students.  They were so used to autistic children being in the school that it didn't affect them.  I sighed with relief and knew it would be ok.  The principal and autistic teacher were with us and they walked him down the hall the rest of the way.  I didn't cry until he was in the room and the rest of the afternoon I was a mess.  I couldn't wait until it was time to pick him up and see his facial expression.  That was the easiest way for me to know how his day was, because he couldn't tell me.

The rest of the week went just as crappy getting him into his classroom.  We talked about taking him into the door next to the classroom and the principal said yes.  Wow, talk about easier!! His speech teacher met us at the door every morning and he talked to the classroom with her. He still wasn't walking right in for another couple weeks, but you could tell he liked school.  He was always smiling when I picked him up and talking about different things they did throughout the day.

Now half of the school year is gone and I thank God every day that we made the right choose for him.  He loves school and his teachers.  He has friends and talks so much more now.  He still has his days that he doesn't want to go to school and has bad days there, but there are more good days.

He is in a lot of regular classes now.  He enjoys music, the library, reading time, math and coloring.  His report cards are awesome and all of the work he brings home is so good.  He is starting to read and likes to practice saying his new sight words.

What a difference in him.  What a difference in having the best teachers, speech teacher, principal and classmates. 

I am sure he will be having days he just doesn't want to do what is asked or cooperate, but I know he will be having a lot of awesome days.  And seeing him smile and happy is enough for me.