Happy birthday packet free until Sunday night!!

Today is my son's birthday, so I'm putting my birthday packet on sale at Teachers pay Teachers.  It will be on sale until Sunday night!!!  I hope you like it and will leave me some feedback love!!

I hope you enjoy this packet and can use it in your classroom!!! Thank you and have a wonderful day!!  I'm going out to dinner with my little man!


It's all about me poster

I love this poster!!! Very creative and colorful :)

Bright and colorful room decor with a freebie

I just finished my bright and colorful room décor and love it!  I hope you love it too.  I love bright, fun and happy colors and this just makes me happy.

Here is a freebie for you to use that goes with the Bright and colorful room décor!! This set has labels of each month and every day of the week.

You can find the freebie on Teachers pay Teachers.  Here is the link

The Bucket list unit also matches this set. You can find it here on Teachers pay Teachers
Enjoy the freebie and check out my Teachers pay Teachers store to see all of my other packets.  There are other room decors that you might like better :)
Have a great Monday!!!

Bucket filler unit on Teachers pay Teachers

I just finished this packet and want to show you how cute it turned out!! You can click on the link and it will take you right to Teachers pay Teachers for you to see more pictures. 

I hope you and your students enjoy using it this year!  I really enjoyed making this set and it going along with my bright and colorful room décor!  So everything matches and looks super cute!