hashtag dollar deals!!

October 15 - 17 there's a hashtag sale going on at TpT!!!  all of the items on sale will be $1.00 :)

I'm adding two of my favorite products to the sale.

First my kids brain break movement cards, they are usually $3.50.  They're a lot of fun and the kids really enjoy them!  You can find them here:

Next, I'm adding my playdough mats!  They're wonderful for fine motor skills.  The skills in this packet are the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and pictures.  You can find this product here:

I hope you and your kids love them as much as we do!! Enjoy and have an amazing day!!


Cool Runnings - one of my all time favorites

One of my all time favorite movies is Cool Runnings!!  Any time I'm feeling down and need a good laugh, I pop this movie in and laugh every time!!  

This is one of the many great quotes from the movie and I LOVE it!!

If you haven't seen the movie, it's a must see!! 


5 Halloween shadow matching activities

Getting ready for Halloween, so I made 5 different shadow matching activities for classroom centers.  
Shadow clip cards - clip the correct shadow - 30 different clip cards
memory matching game - match the shadow and the correct picture - 30 picture and 30 shadow cards
Matching the picture and shadow worksheets - draw a line from the shadow to the correct picture - there's 5 different worksheets
Shadow visual pictures - there's 3 different pictures with questions on the bottom of the pages. have your students answer the questions about each shadow picture.
Halloween Shadow matching game - laminate the shadow pages – then cut out the pictures and have your students match them. there’s 5 sets!!

You can find the packet in my TpT store:

The regular price is $2.00, but it will be on sale until Sunday night 10/14/18 for $1.00!!!  That's a super dollar deal :) 

Here are a few pictures of the activities for you to see, then you can go to the website and view the preview also.

Thank you so much visiting my blog!!  I hope you have a fabulous day!!

Simply Delightful in second grade


Halloween word wall, write the room, spelling, handwriting, and lots more fun

I just finished updating my Halloween word wall, write the room products on TpT.  I have it on sale for $1.00 until the end of the 4th :)    There's over 100 pages of fun in this packet for you and your students to enjoy during Halloween!!

You can find the packet here:

Here are a few preview pages for you to look at, but there's SOOOO much more in the packet...  Remember to check out the preview to see everything that's included.

Thank you so much and have an amazing day!!


$1.00 Deals TpT hashtag sale! And the products I've added to the sale

There's an amazing hashtag sale going on October 1 - 4 and all the deals are just $1.00!!

Use the hashtag #4forfall and you'll be able to view all the products.

The products I've added to the sale are:

Pattern block mats

Apple Life cycle with science, math, language arts, and much more!!!

Apple playdough mats

I will be adding another product today!!! YEAH!

I hope you're able to find tons of great items to use.  Have an amazing day!!

Thank you ~ Simply Delightful in Second grade


Apple play dough mats

I just added a new packet to my TpT store and wanted to share it with all of you.  I'm beginning my new school year with us learning about apples and I' sure more teachers and homeschool moms are beginning with lots of apple activities.

I made apple play dough mats and there's 3 different styles to choose from and task cards to add to your centers.

They will be deeply discounted for the sale tomorrow.  Since they're a new item they're half off and then I will have my store 20% off and TpT is giving an additional 5 % off all day tomorrow.

I hope you enjoy shopping the sale tomorrow and find lots of goodies!! 

Thank you and have a great day!

Teacher pay Teacher is having a back to school bonus sale tomorrow!!

Remember it's only tomorrow, August 21st!  There's tons of amazing items on sale.  I'm putting my entire store on sale 20% off and then TpT will be giving you another 5% off when you check out.  Remember to use the code - BTSBONUS18 :)

You can click here to go directly to my store and check out all the new items I've added this last month.

Thank you so much and have an amazing day!!


Play dough mats and task cards galore- ABC, 123, shapes, skills and pictures 1/2 new item

I've started making play dough mats and task cards and just added a bunch to TpT a few moments ago.  They're perfect for fine motor skills, number, letter, and shape recognition, learning to count, handwriting skills, making different pictures, and having lots of hands on fun!

Included in the packet....

the alphabet, 2 different options plus task cards

numbers, 2 different options plus task cards

I can make.... mats and task cards for...… handwriting skills, pictures, and shapes

there's 16 different shapes, 8 pictures, and 7 skills mats

The mats and task cards will be half off  today and tomorrow!!  It's a great deal for only $2.00 right now.

Here are a few pictures for you to see what's included in the product.

To check out all of the mats and task cards, you can view the preview on Teachers pay teachers and see them all.  Thank you so much and have an amazing day!!


Classroom posters and voice level posters

I LOVE adding positive posters to my room to brighten up the space and to have happy messages everywhere.  I made two different packets for you to add to your classroom or home.

The classroom posters are bright and fun!  there's 25 different posters to choose from to add to your room.

Here are a few examples of the posters:

And I also made voice level posters to add to your classroom to help your students understand what level their voice should be throughout the day.

I added these to each of the décor packets I made, so if you bought the packet you own them :)

I hope you have an amazing school year!!!  Thank you so much for visiting my blog and reading about all my new products!!

LOTS of NEW products

I've been busy making lots of new products for Teachers pay Teachers.  I just got the last one added this morning and wanted to share them all with you.  I'm trying to focus on classroom management and décor products right now, since school will be starting soon!

I made a birthday bundle to match the classroom décor packet I made last month.

I tried to include as much as I could so you would pick what you like best for your classroom.

here are a few pictures for the packet...

Next I made a Doggie classroom décor packet and a birthday bundle packet, that I just LOVE!

here are the links to see both sets.

Here are a few pictures from each packet for you to look at:

I hope you love the décor and birthday bundles as much as I do.  Have a wonderful day and an exciting new school year!