My nephew and his bride :)

Congratulations to my nephew and his bride, they just got married in Vegas!!!


Adams new shoes

So excited to see the mailman today!!!! Adam will only wear crocs and the bottoms are always slippery.  But I found these sweet crocs on amazon!!! The bottoms are just like tennis shoes.  They are much better for gym, I am on cloud nine!!!


My pet peeve on "the autistic kid"

I have been reading some blogs about autism today.  All of the blogs were interesting and  informative with good ideas.  But my biggest pet peeve is someone saying "the autistic kid"   - come on, are you seriously going to use that label????   I have a child with autism and he is just that - a child with autism.  Not the autistic child.

For those of you reading this and not understanding what the differences is - here are a couple examples:

1. the diabetes kid                  or a child with diabetes
2. the cancer kid                    or a child with cancer
3. the heart problem kid        or a child with a heart problem

Now do you see what I am trying to say?

The health,  mental, social, physical challenges/problems with children should not be the definition of a child.  When I think of Adam - there are hundreds of characteristics that come to mind before autism.  And I hope all of the people in his life feel the same way about him. 

Well this ends my little soap box rant.  I'm off to put Legos together with ADAM.


Getting posters and work stations ready

I've been very busy this week getting ready for school to start!!  I have my clock area set up laminated, so we can write on it.  The sight words are very easy to change the laminating sheets for new words and I love the crayon!!!  I'm using a picture frame with a write on sheet in it, so I can write the homework and erase it daily.  

I will be working on the spelling words area and storytown next!!!  I love having everything where we can easily see it and know what is going on throughout the week.


Our family rules

I just finished making this poster for our family rules.  I put it in the kitchen, so it will be seen the most.  It was there or the bathroom haha!  Adam has finally started repeating swear words!! Grrrr his teachers are not going to like this, especially since the worst one is his favorite.  We have been hanging with a lot of people who swear, he's heard it on the computer and TV and from family.  I'm hoping we can cut down the rude words before August 28th when school starts!!! fingers crossed.