How to clean your diffuser

At the beginning of each month I gather all the diffusers in my home and clean them.  Throughout the month I empty and wipe out the inside, but at the beginning I give them a good cleaning.  This not only keeps the diffuser working excellent, but eliminates the smell of all the oils I used during the month.  And I start with a fresh diffuser and love to change my oils for each season.  

To clean your diffuser (start with it empty):

1. Fill your diffuser half way with clean water.

2. Add 10 drops of white vinegar.

3,  Run the diffuser for 5 minutes to clean it.

4.  Empty the diffuser.

5. Use a cotton swab to finish cleaning the inside.

6. Rinse out the diffuser.  

7.  Use a dry cloth to wipe the diffuser.

Now you can add water, your favorite oils, and enjoy!

I hope you all enjoy your day and oils!  

I LOVE Doterra oils and use them everyday for everything.

They help with all my families needs and make our home smell beautiful.

Please let me know if you have any questions and have a blessed day.


My son's 8th grade project - making videos for youtube

I homeschool my son, who's autistic and in eighth grade.  He is making videos to put on youtube for one of his classes.  He didn't talk a lot until I believe he was 7, and had limited talking while attending public school.  He went to public school pre k through half of second grade.  And that's when I started homeschooling him and he loves it and has grown so much.  

I am so proud of him and how far he's come with his communication and social skills.

His videos are just amazing to me.  

I extremely enjoy watching them and sharing them.

He has a wonderful personality that everyone loves.

He'd love for you to follow him on youtube and he will follow you back.

His channel is family friendly.

His channel name is - superfalcon 550

you can click on the link below to get there.

Thank you so much to anyone who follows him.   He is just so excited to get new followers and see his subscriber numbers grow.

Wishing you nothing but the best!!


FREE back to school play dough mats and task cards

I just added back to school play dough mats and task cards to my Tpt store and they're FREE!!

There's 17 different mats in color and in black and white.

You can click on the link to download them.  I hope you and your students enjoy using them and have lots of fun!!

Thank you so much,
Simply Delightful in second grade

Teachers pay teachers back to school sale

Teachers pay teachers is having their back to school sale August 6th and 7th!!!
Remember to use code BTS19 when you're checking out!!

I hope everyone finds lots of amazing deals!

Enjoy and have a wonderful day!
Simply delightful in second grade


We're having an Easter/Spring hashtag sale on TpT - I added Easter clip cards and The Easter Bunny's assistand application book companion

April 12th thru the 14th there's an amazing hashtag sale going on Tpt, that you do not want to miss!!  Everything is $1.00!!!

I added two of my Easter products to the sale!  The first is my Easter clip cards, there's 12 different sets that you and your students will love!!  And the second is my Easter Bunny's assistant application book companion, that's plum full of fun and educational activities!!

I hope you enjoy the sale and find lots of goodies!!

Thank you,
Simply Delightful in second grade


I'm a kid with autism book - autism awareness, bulletin board, posters, & more

My son, who has autism and I wrote a book together about autism.  I added it to Teachers pay Teachers and add TONS of autism awareness items to the packet.  I'd love for you to check it out and please let me know what you think.

Click on the link to go check out the preview.

I just LOVE the book and the way Adam describes how he feels in each situation.  He did an excellent job explaining how he felt and why he does things the way he does.   The book is called "I'm a id with autism and here's the top 10 things I'd like you to know about me.."

Here are a couple of my favorite pages:

There's more amazing pages, so if you'd like to see more check out the preview on TpT.

I added so much more fun learning that you can also view on TpT.  I'm so excited and proud of this book.  

I hope you loved all the pictures and the sneak preview of the book, as much I do.  I hope you have an amazing day!!

Thank you so much and remember to spread awareness everywhere you go!

Simply Delightful in second grade

Light it up blue n your school!!! bulletin board, booksmarks, and lots more!! AUTISM AWARENESS!

I want to share an item I made in my teachers pay teachers store that I just love and hope you do too.  This is autism awareness month and I believe awareness is VERY IMPORTANT.

Light it up blue in your school!

Here are a few of the pictures in the product for you to see, you can also go to the link above and look at the preview to see lots more pictures!!

I hope you and your students enjoy using and learning about awareness!!

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thank you!


Autism and Adam

As April is quickly approaching I sit here thinking of my son and how amazing he is.... funny, great personality, smart, loves electronics, extremely good at legos and putting anything together, and he has autism.  

April is autism awareness month, I actually live it 24/7.  I continually learn about him and autism every day.   I'm proud of how far he's come since that little boy, who couldn't speak and had meltdowns as a way to communicate and release stress.  We work daily on communication and life skills.  I remember sitting for hours playing what I called the one item said three ways.   I'd hold or point to an item and say it three something about it three ways and then have him repeat the word.

Example:  a yellow ball

I'd say this is a ball, this is a yellow ball, this ball is round, say ball

and most of the time I could get him to say the word

I'd write each word he'd say down each day.  I have pages of hundreds of words and a few tears on them.

Some of my family would come over and play the game with him.  It got so everyone was talking this way in our home.  It helped so much and Adam slowly began talking more and more.  I'd just sit and talk and talk to him for no rhyme or reason just for him to hear me talk.  I'd sit and read for hours or play movies of books on the TV.  He started repeating the entire book word for word.  This is when we learned he had echolalia.  

He talks nonstop now and I LOVE it!!  I love talking with him and hearing him tell me stories and just communicating.   He loves talking about animals, science, history, and telling about all the books he loves reading.  He is a huge book lover.  He has eight book shelves plum full of books and still can find more books he needs.

I honestly believe homeschooling was the best thing I've done for him.  He didn't start talking until we began homeschooling and he's grown so much.  He LOVES homeschooling and tells me how thankful he is we school together.  That we take time to really go over the subject and we're able to pick subjects he wants to learn about each year.

I'm so thankful for my little boy, he's love, and everything he's taught me.

It you get the opportunity to spread awareness and teach others about how amazing kids with autism are, please do!!  AWARENESS is extremely important and so easy to do.

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts on my favorite little guy.

Simply Delightful in second grade


Easter and Spring playdough mats

This packet is FULL of hands on fun and learning playdough mats!  There are 193 mats included,
Easter, adding eggs to a basket 0-20, 16 different egg shapes to make, weather, flower shrubs, gardening, adding flowers to a stem 0-20, recycling, bugs, adding ladybugs to a leaf.

Playdough mats are perfect for fine motor skills.

You can find the playdough mats in my Teachers pay Teachers store.  Here is the direct link to the product.

I will add a few pictures below on some of the mats, but please look at the preview to see everything included and all the activities.  

The playdough mats are $3.00, but will be on sale now until the end of Friday night March 29,2019

I hope and you and your students LOVE them and have lots of fun using them!

Thank you so much,

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Hashtag sale on teachers pay teachers!

Today is the last day for the hashtag sale!  It's full of amazing and creative products you and your students will love.   All the items are on sale for $1.00!!!!  use hashtag #springdollardeals

or you can link on this link:

I added two items:

The first is my animal brain brake cards, I figured it the perfect time of year to get up and start moving.  Spring is in the air and it beautiful outside!!

There's 48 different cards for you and your students to enjoy!  They're perfect for gross motor skills!

My next item I added to the sale is my Easter clip cards math set.  There are 12 different sets of clip cards for you and your students to use and love.  Please let me know if you think of another idea you'd love added.

Here are a few pictures from the set, so you can see all the fun clip cards added for you to use in your classroom.

I hope you and your class love them as much as I do!!  Enjoy your day and have fun shopping the sale!  

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Thank you and have an amazing day!


Bucket filler - I just updated it!!

I made this product in 2013 and it needed an update BAD!!!  I finally got it done and doubled it.  Yes, I said, doubled it!!  I'm so excited and I LOVE it!!  I hope you check it out and love it as much as I do!

Here are a few pages to show you what's included, but make sure you go to my store and look at the preview!!  There's tons in it!!

There are 38 posters, 24 worksheets, 2 fun activites, 40 reward cards, tons and tons of buckets, 3 different bulletin board ideas, tons of labels and note cards, and so much more!!

Thank you and have an amazing day!!


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