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Fire safety and prevention week - fire drill, Stop - drop - roll, & 2 emergent readers


You can check out the set on TPT by following this link:

This packet is full of lots of fire safety items. 

There is both color and black and white pages for you to share with the students.


Firefighters can/have/are

Firefighters K/W/L

Firetrucks can/have/are

Firetrucks K/W/L

Label the items a firefighter uses cut and paste

Label the firefighter

Label the fire truck

Things that are hot and cold card sorting

Five Brave Firefighters emergent reader

Fire safety rules poster

Fire safety rules worksheet

Fire escape plan

Draw your house's fire escape plan worksheet

Stop, drop, and roll posters, coloring, handwriting, and a puzzle

911 poster
911 play dough mat

Smoke detector poster

Fire extinguisher poster

Never play with fire poster

Fire drill emergent reader

Fire drill poster, poster chart labels, puzzle, 
handwriting, and sequencing worksheet

Fire safety visual picture/word pocket chart labels

Letters to write to firefighters


Color the firetruck color key code - addition

Addition and subtraction worksheets

What comes next worksheets

Odd and even card sorting

Memory card game

Counting by 5s and 10s worksheets

What comes next clip cards

10 frame mats - add the correct number of fires to the hydrant

10 frame matching card game

How many water drops clip cards

What shape is the fire hydrant clip cards

Count the matches tallies clip cards

Beginning sounds clip cards

1-100 cards

Upper and lowercase alphabet cards

Coloring page – color sparky the fire dog

Thank you so much and I hope you have an amazing day!

Simply delightful in second grade


American sign language - ASL - posters, flash cards, and a matching memory game

American Sign Language (ASL) is the primary language of the deaf community in America.

It uses a combination of hand movements, facial expressions, and body posture.

ASL is a visual language and using the flash cards and game we help you and your students memorize the hand movements easier.

Putting the posters on your walls will help them be able to see the hand movements all the time and be able to practice them.

You can click the link below to see the set on TPT -

I hope you and your students love using this set as much as we do!!  

Thank you so much and have an amazing day!!

Simply Delightful in second grade


Levels of understanding posters - student self asessment


Marzano levels of understanding posters make self assessment for students quick and easy. They let you know if they're understanding the skill or concept being taught.

I made posters, flash cards, cards for your student’s desks, and pocket charts labels for you and your students to use.

I cannot wait to start using this set this school year.  It will make owning if Adam understands the new skills he's learning.

Here is the link to look at the set:

Here's a few pictures from the set:

I hope you and your students love using this set, as much as we are this year!

Thank you so much,
Simply Delightful in second grade


120 Virtual & distance classroom learning visual posters and brain break posters


There are over 120 virtual visual posters in this set to use for your online classroom or in the classroom. 

You can follow this link to look at the set and all the posters:

I added a few greeting posters and 20 brain break posters, so you can get up and get the wiggles out between lessons.

Here are a few pictures!

I hope you and your students enjoy the posters as much we're loving them!

It makes online learning a little easier with students, so they can see the visual cues quickly and makes it lots of fun!!

Thank you so much and I hope you have an amazing day!!
Simply Delightful in second grade


Morning and afternoon greetings - contact, noncontact, minimal contact and fun actions to do each day

I made this packet for you and your students to be able to choose what greeting you’d all like to do each morning and afternoon.

There are 66 visual greeting choices using contact, noncontact, minimal contact and fun actions!!

You can click on the link below to see the product in my TPT store.

Here are a couple examples of each item of greeting.

This is just a few of the visual greetings in this packet.  There are tons of fun ideas to do with your students to keep your mornings and afternoons special.  

Greetings area a great way for you and your students to build a sense of community and relationship.

Introduce a few greetings at a time and have your students practice them with each other. Slowly add more for you students to be able to choose from each day.

Your students will love starting and ending their day with the greetings.

Here is one example of each a morning and an afternoon sign for your room.

Just add the circles or squares under the signs and have your students pick the greeting they'd like to do with you.  You can have your students greet each other or choose a greeter for the day.

I hope you and your students enjoy using them each day and it helps bring a better community to your classroom.

Have an amazing school year!!

Thank you,

Simply Delightful in second grade