My son is the cutest story teller:)

My son is delayed in his speach because of a lot of hearing problems. But he had mastered telling the story of the three little pigs. And I am so happy and proud of him! He tells it in his own special way and does all the actions while telling the story.

Little pig, little pig little ~ let me in.

Not by the hair of my chiny chiny chin.

Then I huff and I huff and I huff and I huff.......

And blow your house in.

He does the cutest biggest blowing and his mouth and lips get really big and just make you smile!

he will tell about all three pigs and then tell about the wolf going on and back up the chimney and then running into the woods. I am going to have to record him sometime for he to hear him tell the story when he is older.

I am teaching him about Goldie Lockes and the three bears now. I cannot wait until he tells the story back to me!!