What is Free Flavor Friday? you ask??

On Friday,February 4th, 2011 COFFEE-MATE® is saluting its entire roster of flavors, and the people who love them with FREE FLAVOR FRIDAY! A special celebration filled with free product giveaways on and on Facebook, FREE FLAVOR FRIDAY is an opportunity to savor your favorite flavor or try a new one for FREE!

Can’t wait to celebrate FREE FLAVOR FRIDAY? Join other COFFEE-MATE® fans on Facebook right now! The pre-party is already in full swing... has a lot of interesting things on their site!!

 Secial Offers section where you can get coupons, plus lots!  I have been on taking quizes, using the calculator, picking my top 10 - what a great site and awesome coffee flavorings!


  1. I LOVE the idea of Coffee-Mate Friday. I drink waaay too much coffee, and coffee-mate flavors make all the difference.

    Thanks for letting me know!

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