Sewing pants and school

If you have read my blog you know my little boy has autism.  He has a sensitivity issue with the feel of clothing.  I have to make his pants for him and use a very soft material.  Since he has grown 3 inches over the summer, I have to make all new pants before the school year begins.  I wasn't the best seamstress before having my son, and it still isn't one of my favorite activities.  But I have figure out the best material and how to make them look nice on him, so he isn't getting made fun of at school.

He will be in second grade and during the time at school the last two year, kids say the cruelest things and the name calling is very hurtful.  Adam hates school and cries every morning.  He is very smart and gets good grades, but doesn't understand the grading system.  Getting an A is the same as a F in for him, it's just a letter.  Thankfully he never gets Fs. 

I'm stressing more this school year then the last two, I'm hoping for a teacher who knows about autism.  Last year the teacher isn't understand it and didn't want to.  He wouldn't talk with any of the children with autism.  Thank goodness they all have an AS room too!! 

Every year he goes to school and then he comes home and I homeschool him the things they say he cannot or wouldn't learn there.  I do not want him behind or failing.  I have set up an area and have been getting everything ready for him and making and laminating tons of things.  He is a hands on learner and needs the extra stuff to help him understand.

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