Day 3 of the Gratitute Challenge!

Today is day 3 of the gratitute challenge and I am to write about something I feel grateful for today. Today I am grateful that PreK announced that they will be starting on Monday since PA finally passed the budget and they will be getting fundings. My son is 5 and is so ready to go and make friends. I am excited and scaried at the same time. He has always been at home with me and my husband. We have only let a hand full of people watch him and now he will be with 3 different teachers that I don't know anything about. I am hoping he loves it!!! I went to the meeting last night and we weren't suppost to take our kids, but some of the kids were there and I think he is going to have fun with them. I cannot wait to meet the rest of the teachers and kids. I am going to volunteer the first day!


  1. this is so cool I have been thinking about joining in

  2. You should join, I am loving being part of it!