Sorry I haven't posted anything in a while but my son has had a terrible week!!!!!!!!!!!!

My son started school (pre K) on Monday and he had terrible separation Anxiety!!! The teachers said that he would be fine, it would take a few days of crying and he would be better. He had never been to day care or babysat, only with me and my husband. He just turned five and this was subpost to be a wonderful advent in his life, but it was more like hell.

Monday when I went to pick him up they said he wouldn't eat breakfast so one of the teacher took him into a room by himself and trying to make him eat. Then he took his shoes off and one teacher held him down while another teacher forced them back on him. They said he cryed all day and try to get out of the door. When I walk into get him, adam trying to grab one of the teachers hands and she pushed him away and then walked away from him.

Tuesday he would go potty in the school, because they yelled at him Monday for getting some of his on the floor. Three teachers grabbed him and forcefully made his wash his hands, because at 11 am everyone just washes their hands for no reason really. He still cryed all day long. The teacher said he needed to much adult supervision and she cryed that adam and another boy cryed to much for their moms. Whenever we'd drop him off he was screaming that he was scaried of the teachers.

He began having nightmares ~ crying in his sleep no no please mommy help me.

Wed. I wasn't allowed in the classroom, so I was worried about him and decided to go sit in the parking lot to listen to the class room. I heard my son screaming ~ mommy, I want my mommy!!! And then I heard one of the teachers yelled, well, she's not coming, so give it a break!

I was so pissed that I went right in and took my son out of the school. He starts another school this next week! I hope he isn't to scared and they said my husband and I could stay with him until he is comfortable. There are a tons of other things that happened bad, but these were the worst.


  1. Robyn
    I am so sorry to hear about these events, however; you are not alone. I decided to try public school instead of private for my son's kindergarten days and I came home crying my eyes out for various assorted reasons. I reached for the phone either to call my mom and instead called a private school way out of town and enrolled him there. He spent one day in public school. The next school was okay and turned sour pretty quickly (due to his teacher). mind you I am not hard to get along with or even please but some things are unacceptable. soooooo I ended up homeschooling him with the help of a homeschool program at the school I took him out of at first. whew. the homeschool experience was awesome, I learned ALOT. we were mentored and given assignments by a teacher and met with her once a week. It really was a good experience. He then entered a good school in first grade. what a whirlwind. hang in there, there are solutions do not settle, this is your child. let me know if I can help in anyway.
    take care


  2. Robyn
    Try not to let the previous experience affect your new start. Smile wave goodbye and do not let on that you are worried to him. He will be FINE. It is extremely difficult to let go, he is your baby. Remain positive. Volunteer in the class. Give him a picture of you to keep in his pocket. This is a happy fun time of making new friends and going to school. There are more good people out there than bad. Kids are protected these days. Trust in your son and yourself and it will all be good. seriously, I have been there.

  3. Sorry Robyn I just realized this is PRE-K not Kindergarten. OMG this does sound like the preschool from HELL. Unbelievable. Many preschool teachers are burned out and should not be there. It is unfortunately hard to get a good one. They are out there, ask ask ask everyone who/where they recommend. We were fortunate in preschool and only had one real whacko. He will only be there for how many hours? Is it five days a week? I know you want his first experience to be pleasant, my heart goes out to you completely. Kids are amazingly resilent and only react to your reactions. You will find the right program I promise. are there any cooperatives in the area? where parents help run the school and work there etc. Any home programs that are smaller, friendlier, family orientated? This is just the beginning of the whole "school adventure". brace yourself.

  4. The teachers at that school are abusive, there needs to be an "investigation". I feel sorry for the children there.

  5. Dawn ~ the new school is only going to be 2 and 1/2 hours for 2 days to start. then once he feels safe and we know he is going to be okay we will add more time and days. Thank you for all of your great posts!!! I am trying really hard to have a positive outlook and go into the new school happy. I am just so scared that it will happen again. I wake up at night crying, I don't know why it took me three days of my son's screaming to realize they were hurting him. I feel so bad. I can not get him or the teacher's voices out of my head. I pray the next set of teachers enjoy my son in their class. He is a wonderful little boy, who is now scared of school. He would cry every morning we took him no, mommy I am scared. I am going to try to be strong and help me to love being in this new school :) thanks a lot!!

  6. GOOD JOB MAMA! That is horrible, and heartbreaking, the kind of thing you expect in a cheap daycare but not in kindergarten. Poor sweetie. No wonder he was having a bad time in school. This is terrifying!. Report report report to your heart's content if you want. keep it from happening again!

  7. Good for you to think to listen from the parking lot. I used to be a teacher. No matter the provocation- there is never, never any excuse to yell at a preschooler.

  8. Thank you everyone for your comments! Kelly, my husband and I are thinking about homeschool, but we do not know much about it. I will be looking into it soon though!

  9. Hi Robyn! Following from MBC!

    Sounds like you and your son had one awful first-time experience! I do hope that his new pre-school turns out to be a much better place for him! Also, someone commented that the first place needs to be investigated and it's so true. Whatever authorities in charge of day cares and preschools in your are need to be contacted so t his doesn't happen to other children.

    I hope that your son learns that not all of his school experiences will be like that and he'll learn to love going to school! :-)