Kid's party planning checklist!

A Party Planning checklist for kid parties!

4 to 6 weeks before the party:
~ create a budget
~ pick a date and time
~ pick a theme
~ Write up a guest list
~ decide on your cake design
~ book your entertainment

2 to 3 weeks before the party:
~ make or buy invitations and send them out. remember to include RSVP information and any special instructions for your guests. (if they should bring a dish, if the parents and siblings can come, if you would like for them to dress up with the theme of the party, if they need to bring anything extra like sleeping bags, swim suit...)
~ make a list of food you will be serving (planning the menu)
~ make a list of decorations and activity supplies you will need for your theme
~ make a list of groceries you will need to buy
~ make you list of paper products that match your theme that you will need to buy
~ make, buy or collect items you will need for the games.
~ order the cake, if you are not making it yourself

One week before the party:
~ confirm guest list ~ if guest have not RSVP'd call them to confirm if they are coming or not. Then you will have the correct number of guest to start getting everything ready for the party.
~ confirm entertainment
~ buy everything for the party with the exception of the perishables
~ remember to check to see if you have film and batteries for your camera and camcorder. And purchase extra batteries for the presents that require them.
Two days before the party:
~ make sure to clean your home that way on the day of the party you will only have to straighten up a little bit. If the party is outside remember to clean up out there also.
~ put the goodie bags together
~ finished buying everything you will need for the party
~ make sure there is room in the frig and freezer for all the party food
~ get everything together for the activities and games

The day before the party:
~ start getting all of the food ready
~ wrap all the presents
~ bake or pick up the cake

The day of the party:
~ decorate
~ finish getting all of the food ready
~ pick up last minute things from the store; ice and balloons
~ take lots of pictures
~ have a great time!

After the party:
~ get thank you cards and send them out to all of your wonderful guests.
you can add a picture from the party as a little something extra for them
~ develop film
~ have fun cleaning up!

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