The Pink Ribbon Shop ~ breast cancer.

Until a cure is found, early detection is our best defense. Spread the word about the importance of yearly mammograms and monthly breast self-exams! You'd be surprised how many conversations are started by simply wearing a pink ribbon!

The Pink Ribbon Shop is your one-stop shop for everything pink ribbon. We carry a unique and extensive line of breast cancer awareness pink ribbon products! Name brands such as New Balance, Wilson and Totes/Isotoner, and many more. Pink ribbon scrapbooking items, car magnets, band bracelets, pens, paper, post-it notes, hats, temporary tattoos, cell phone accessories, breast cancer books, umbrellas, shirts, socks, gifts, jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, silver charms, earrings, lapel pins, sun catchers, cups, home decor, mugs, ornaments, photo frames and much, much more!

Supporting cancer services
The Pink Ribbon Shop makes periodic donations to various organizations in an effort to find a cure for cancer, assist cancer patients, and reduce cancer deaths through education initiatives that promote early detection. To date your purchases have led to donations of $27,191!! Additionally, The Pink Ribbon Shop is proud to carry many items whose manufacturer and/or distributor makes a monetary donation to breast cancer-related organizations based on the sale of those items.

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  1. Following you from MBC - I'm glad so many bloggers are focusing on breast cancer awareness month!