Great sites that I used!

Here are some of the great sites I use! It took me a while to locate them all, but I am happy to pass them along to you ~ I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!!!!

SheSpeaks It's a great "word-of-mouth" marketing program that invites members to try new products, review them, and help spread the word about them.

VocalPoint Receive great samples and coupons in your mailbox as part of their campaigns. They love to mail you new stuff to try and offer special opportunities that you can sign-up for to get even more free products. Super easy to participate in and surveys are optional.

Kraft First Taste High-value coupons so you can try new products before anyone else.

Pssst General Mills has got something to whisper in your ear, like a high-value coupon for one of their new products

House Party Throw a party focused on a specific product, TV show, or service and all your party favors are provided! Just apply for the party you're interested in and keep your fingers crossed.

BzzAgent Try new products and spread the word among your friends. This program requires a lot of report writing to document exactly how you spread the word, but is still fairly easy to participate in and offers some great things to try for free.

RepNation Fill out surveys and share your opinion to earn "RepRewards", but even more importantly be the first to join new campaigns because sometimes they offer special "Welcome Kits"

Tryology Can you create a product review video? Then sign-up to try free full-size products and submit your video review. This is a brand new program for me to learn about so I'd love to get some feedback from readers who try it.

Walmart ~ this is a great site for freebie to be sent to you, you just have to click on the item you want and fill out a short form!

Gather makes it easy to make new friends
Meet people who share your interests
Connect around life experiences
Talk about the news of the day
Express yourself in writing, pictures, and video
Make great friends
I put gather down because of all the great contest and giveaways! I have recieved a lot of freebies from them!

Swagbucks! This is a search and win site ~ super easy to do. Just use them to look around the internet and win swagbucks and you can get a lot of great stuff with the swagbucks!

This one I haven't used but here is the info
Welcome to Do you want Free Xbox 360 Games, Maplestory Cards and Mesos, Game Prepaid Cards, clothing, electronics or anything else imaginable? Simply Sign Up for Free and you will be getting prizes in no time!

another one I haven't tryed, but teenager will love!There are tons of great freebies and different things for you teenager on this site! I think it looks really cool!


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