A little note that shows big potential.

Promise to make a big difference with lunch note promise!!!!!
What's the Lunch Note Promise campaign, brought to you by Lunchables, about? Giving kids what they need to help them do their best. All we need from you is a promise to give a lunch note to your kids. It can be about anything-like some encouragement for the big soccer game or an important test. You can even use our fancy designs if you want. Or the not so fancy ones, we're easy. Do that and we'll give a free meal to a child in need so they can do THEIR best.

Here's how the donation works: For every parent who makes the lunch note promise, the Lunchables team will donate a meal to a child and their family in need through Feeding America, the nation's leading domestic hunger-relief charity, which serves an estimated nine million children annually. The goal is to turn up to 100,000 promises from moms like you into up to 100,000 meals from Lunchables Lunch Combinations for kids in need.

To get started go to kraft with this link! This is such a wonderful idea and I love the cards!!!

Write a note and we'll donate a lunch!
Let's make a promise. All you need to do is promise to drop a note in your kid's lunch. Do that and we'll give a free meal to a kid in need. Together, we can turn that little note into a world of difference.

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