My son's birthday is quickly approaching!!

My son will be turing 6 at the end of the month and I am so excited for his party.  We are going to have a Toy Story theme and a friend is making the cakes and she does a fabulous job every year.  We usually invite so many family and friends that we home is packed and the back yard is filled too.  But this year, I asked him who all he wanted to invite to his birthday party? He replied, Billy, Madison and Brody.  I said, okay, but who else.  He said, no body else.  I named off a few others and simply said no thanks to most of them.  So for the first time, we are going to do a very low key party ~ hoping no one gets mad that they weren't invited.  But it is his party.  I am going to invite grandparents, his aunts and uncles, and his cousins.  No more extended family or my husband's and my friends and their families. 

How I am coming up with all of the ideas to make the Toy Story theme.  Of course the cake will be Buzz and Woody.  I have a table cloth and cake plates.  I am going to go and get some of the decorations and the goody bags today.

This will also be the first year he gets to take stuff in for his party at school.  We are going to take ice cream and cones ~ Adam's favorite dessert!!! YUMMY!  and goody bags.   The teacher has the whole day all about the child and she does all kinds of neat things all day long.  One thing I know she does is have all of the children that day make birthday cards, I think that is so cute. 

Well I am off to get everyone up and ready for school and go shopping!!!


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  4. Maybe its a 6 year old thing. We have always had large parties too but this year we are going small. My son would have loved a Toy Story theme. Have fun shopping today.

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