Amazingly long day!

I have been busy seen I got up (to early) this morning.  First getting ready and out the door to drop Adam off to school ~ amazingly we got there a few minutes earily.  Then off to the store for a supplies.  Then I had to go into work to get everything ready for my meetings.  It took me 5 hours to prepare all of the agendas and copies needed and to set up.  Then phone calls until my ear hurt ~ LOL!!!  Everything set and ready (amazingly)!!!

Then off to pick Adam up from school and get ice cream from our favorite ice cream shop - YUMMY!  But I was being good, so Adam was the only one enjoying this yummy treat today.  Then I had to take him home and get myself ready for the meetings that started at 4:30.  I woke my husband up, who works 3rd shift - so he could watch our son.

Oh crap, it's my mom's birthday ~ a quick call to let her know I was thinking about her and to wish her a happy birthday and hope that she was having a great day :)

Time to go and pick up the 12 pizzas waiting for me at Little Ceasars.  Everyone waiting was mad, because I took all of the pizzas as soon as I walked in.  But I called and ordered ahead (I love that you can do this)  I guess not a good idea to hog all the pizza right before dinner time :(

Just making it to the meeting ~ where all of the teenagers where waiting and wanting hugs.  I work with some awesome kids.  They do such an amazing job of customer service and are always smiling!!!  We run the biggest events in our area.  Hockey rocks! 

The meeting, of course took to long and the complaining started that they had thinks to do.  So being the easy going girl I am, I cut the last meeting short and release them to go enjoy the last couple of hours of daylight.  As I cleaned up the meeting and cleaned the concession area from all the pop someone blasted ~ it seemed like 6 miles!! 

Finally done and heading home!!!  I took the last two pizzas home for my family and saw smiles all around!
Awwww, how wonderful it is to be home.

Hung out with Matt and Adam for a little, then Matt was off to work and Adam to dreamland and me to blogheaven!

And that was my day in a nut shell haha!

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