If you homeschool please help me deside????

I have my son in preschool at the moment and my sister is his teacher.  They have always been like oil and water.  But she promised that she would help him and that he would do great in her class.  Well, he has my stubborn streak in him and isn't the best listener.  So how they tell him 2 times what they want him to do and then take him by the arm there and make him do it.  Or grab his hands and make him pick up whatever they are asking him to pick up.  I am not to sure of the force or the tone of their voices, but he is now hitting them.  He has never done this in school before.  He went last year and all through the summer, then started the year out good.  Now this is happening everyday this week and I am getting texts from my sister that they aren't doing anything differently.  It just wierd that he would hit without a reason.  And she let me know that she is recommending he be tested and labeling him a behavioral problem child.  WHAT????  I kept him home today and he and I hung out.  We did arts and crafts, computer work on brainpop (which he loves) and made lunch and brownies together.  I didn't have much of a problem getting him to do whatever asked.

She also asked if I would pick him up at 1:00 from now on because at 1:15 they lay down for naptime and he doesn't nap and wants to play and read.  So he will miss naptime, snack time and free time.  Free time is his favorite time of the whole day.

I do not know what to do.  I have been looking up home schooling and cyber schools and I am at a loss and would love advise from you all.


  1. how about finding another school, in my area we have tons of preschools so hopefully you can find another option

  2. Sometimes we should just listen to the subtle messages our children send being difficult at school but cooperative at home...I am 1000% convinced that we push our kids out the door without giving them a chance to learn from the best teacher pf all...their own mother! This is my 14th year homeschooling and I can't say enough good things about it. Sounds like when you kept him home, you did a sort of homeschool schedule already. I can help you figure out the homeschool option if you'd like me to. Why make them have to conform to other people's schedules when you can work around his yourself? Sweet little man just needs more time to grow under the watchful eye of his mama! Let me know if you want my help, okay?

  3. I would love your help Kelly. My husband's only worry is Adam not getting social time with other kids. I did talk with the person in charge of the YMCA yesterday and am I going up to talk with her more today.

    So far my husband and I have taught him the ABCs, the sounds the letters make, to count to 19, his colors and his shapes. I would love to continue but there is so much information on the internet I am confused by it all.

    Thank you and I look forward to hearing more from you about homeschooling.


  4. Robyn, I am so glad to hear from you! The link to our curriculum is in my sidebar...Robinson Curriculum, it is truly AMAZING! I recommend the A Beka curriculum for the first few years is easy and excellent! As a HS mama, I have heard the 'social' thing to the point that it makes me slightly nauseous, sorry. It is the 'social' thing that causes all the problems to begin with. Being social just happens, lol! They have play dates and art or music classes, field trips, P.E.,library trips, and get lots of play, but it does NOT interfere with their education. You would have to literally keep them in the house 24/7 with absolutely NO social interaction to be concerned about this. The first thing to consider is not socialization, but simply what your state requires of you to homeschool. Once you find out that, then you start with an easy schedule and good curriculum to begin with and then step it up as you go along. In Florida, we are not even required to report the kindergarten year, only beginning with 1st grade. A Beka has an awesome K5 program that will only take you around 2 hours a day but is packed with learning. There are many ways to buy it on the cheap too, just google it to see. At this age, kids just blossom under a daily routine, it makes them feel safe. The thing I recommend most is to let go of all your preset notions of education, homeschooling is different- for good reason! Take cues from your own child and just be consistent. You may start out slow and then in a few years be able to advance him according to his abilities...not something easily done in public education, huh? We have skipped whole grades of math and such, because the grade they are in doesn't matter, that they are learning is what matters. I have actually lost track of grades because we often have a fifth grader doing 7th grade work! With our current curriculum, it is even more so. Homeschooling creates a special bond in your family too, it is truly wonderful. The more time you spend together, the more time you WANT to! My family are each other's best friends! We live in Pensacola, where the A Beka books originate and we have a consignment bookstore here as well. I have seldom ever had to pay full price for books! Look up the A Beka K5 and let me know what you think. It costs a little to get started but it is easily absorbed because there is little cost of any kind the rest of the year. We buy clothes only when needed now, and don't have to figure in costs other than our own needs, not daily gas and such for the multiple trips back and forth to school, and lunches are cheaper and more nutritious at home. It might be easier to e-mail than leave e-mail is Keep in touch and I will help all I can!

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  7. It sounds like he doesn't like the environment he's been placed in and he's clearly frustrated. I think the hitting is a manifestation of his frustration. On the bright side, it doesn't sound like he's totally unhappy with preschool. He does like certain aspects of it like free time. I think you need a new preschool. A change of environment may be just what your child needs.

  8. Robyn, Hi, I agree with Kelly. Check and see if you have a homeschooling group in your area. That will help with any "socialization" issues. I too and sick to death of hearing that word. I found that kids in a traditional school are socialized only with their own age group and have trouble interacting with any other age group. Homeschooled children are socialized with people from newborn to senior citizens and learn quickly how to adjust socially in most situations.

    To answer your question about the school. First, he's young. You already know he and your sister have a personality conflict. I would take him out of that school and let his aunt just be his aunt. My firm belief is education is a fun, lifelong persuit. It appears you have that dynamic with him at home alreay. This school experience seems to just be frustrating him.