What makes me a Theta Mom!

I have been tagged by Theta Mom, I am to share five experiences that have helped to shape me into a Theta Mom (The True, Authentic Mom).

1. My son has had a lot of problems with his ears and hearing. Which has made him behind on his speech. Since he last surgery we have been working really hard to teach him new words and to help him to talk more. I feel really bad when he is trying to communicate something and we don't understand, and it frustrates him a lot!

2. When my son was a baby everytime we'd go into Walmart he would start screaming and crying for no reason. People would follows us around asking if he was okay. As soon as we'd walk out the crying would stop. It was the strangest thing, but we learned to do different things to try to get him to not cry. The best one was to go right before lunch and let him eat while we quickly ran around and got all the grocery. We learn to shop fast then, but now he asks to go to Walmart all the time.

3. School was/is a huge learning experience for me and my husband. When we put our son into pre k thinking he would be well taken care of and wasn't ~ well that was a huge eye opener about the system. And then we took the time so go out and find the best school with caring teachers. We are so happy for him to start school this week and we are hoping he loves it!!!

4. I think the biggest thing that made me a true Authentic Mom was the fact that my husband didn't want kids at the time we got pregnant and wasn't there for our son as much, so I did everything. I got so used to being the parent that did it all that when my husband desided he was ready to be a parent it was hard at first to let him. Now it is awesome to have a partner who wants to help and also wants to be there for his son.

5. I always knew I wanted to be a parent and growing up I wanted tons of kids. But my husband only wants one and will not change his mind on the subject at all! As I grow closer to my 40s I don't think I want to be pregnant again, especially seeing one of my older sister going through it and listening to all her new pains. I am now content to being a mom of one child. And I am able to stop treating him like a baby and let him be an older child. He is a really good son who is always making me laugh and I enjoy hanging with. He is very inventive and loves doing goofy things to get his dad and me laughing!!!!

Being a Mother is the most rewarding and fun job I've ever had!! And I look forward to what the future brings.

So now I am to challenging the following bloggers as well as any fabulous reader of my blog to grab this tag and post some experiences that have helped to shape YOU as a Theta Mom! I would love for you to play along, so go grab the tag and let's get this party started! Don't forget to tag other Theta Mom bloggers and challenge them as well. I can't wait to read what you come up with!

You can pick more people, I just choose 4 mom blogs I love. :)


  1. Good Morning Robyn! How are ya!
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    For Sunday blogger spotlight.

    Happy Sunday!

  2. Awesome experiences, thank so much for sharing, especially in reference to #4! You are such a Theta Mom! ;)

  3. You are a true THETA mom. Not many things are more difficult than having a child with special needs.

    Lisa @
    All That and a Box of Rocks