Sunday blogger spotlight

Sunday Blogger spotlight ~

I have been sick all day so I am going to spotlight one blog today.

This is a blog that I think is great. I love the beginning of her page, she states " if you LOVE run on sentences, grammar ERRORS, and just plain words missing. THEN I am YOUR gal." I love that sentence!!! and it pulls you in to want to read more. this blog is written by Grissell Barros at

She is a mother of four wonderful and cute kids and is very happy to be able to be a stay at home mom. I think it is awesome that one think she enjoys doing the most is laughing loudy!!~ it shows that she loves life!! she has received 7 well deserved awards for her blog and it is designed by hot biggity blog ~ so cute!!

Made sure to read her post ~ sucks getting old!!! so true! :0)

If you haven't checked out her blog ~ please take the time to do so, you'll love it :)


  1. Aww that was sweet. I wrote mine in such a hurry today... I feel so bad...:(

    Have a great week!


  2. That's cool...I never saw this before...I am so out of the loop! LOL.

  3. I will have to go and check her out :) Great blog btw :)