My review of the Glade® Sense & Spray™ Automatic Freshener

I am a Bzz Agent and this is one of the great products I was able to review for them!

Get long-lasting freshness only when you need it with the first motion-activated air freshener from Glade. The Glade sense & spray Automatic freshener is in one word awesome! I put it in my bathroom and whenever the light is turned on it gives a spray of fresheness.

How does it work? The unit automatically sprays fragrance when the sensor detects motion, then locks for 30 minutes to conserve the refill. (I love that it locks for the 30 minutes ~ to save the fragrance from being used up to quickly) Of course, if you need an instant burst of Glade® fragrance at any time just press the boost button on the front of the unit and you're set.

Glade® Sense & Spray™ motion-activated freshener is definitely the smart way to keep your home smelling fresh. It's easy to set up and easy to use. All you have to do is insert the refill canister in the sleek spray unit, pull the red tab to activate the batteries, place it where you need it and forget about it. Glade® Sense & Spray™ motion-activated freshener will take care of the rest!

Glade says that the spray will last about 30 days, but mine it still going strong! I will be buying the refills and continuing to use this product because it works everytime!

Getting started
The Glade® Sense & Spray™ motion-activated freshener starter kit has everything you need to, you know, get started. It has a suggested retail price of $8.99 and includes:

One smart spray unit
One refill canister (Clean Linen™, Clear Springs® or Apple Cinnamon scent)
2 AA batteries

This is an awesome product that I love!!! My bathroom has never smelt so fresh and clean. My family came over for a party and everyone wanted to know what I was using and I explained that it was the Glade Fragrance spray and told them how it works and how wonderful the bathroom has smelt with 2 boys in my home and two of my sister went out and bought them.

I am going to get another one for the family room! I think everyone should have one in the bathroom!! :)

Thanks and I hightly recommend this product and thank Bzz for the opportunity to review the product!!!!


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