What a wonderful week!

This week has been so awesome for me and my family. My husband and I have been trying to work things out and make our marriage work. We both took the week off from work and took Adam out of school, so we could hang together. We went to the fair (take in the barns most of the time ~ Adam loves all of the animals, but the rabbits and chickens were his favorites), we went to the Children's museum, fed the fish, school shopped and just hung out together. It was a week that help me try to forgive and move on from the past. It is so hard to forget when someone hurts you ~ but I am finally ready to move on and smile. I want a happy family and I am going to work on us having a happy family again.


  1. Sometimes that's what you need! I hope all is okay!

  2. Thanks Amy and I am hoping it is too! I am happy and want to stay this way, if changes need to be made I will do it. I want my son to have a happy childhood!!! From this day on it's going to be good. I am sitting here smiling and liking it :0)

  3. My husband and I went through a very rough patch this year too. I decided I wanted to make our family work and I would forgive. He wanted to put in the work too. I think that if both parties put in the work which it looks like you are doing then all will be well. What a fun week you had.