One more full day with my son!

I have one more full day to hang with my son before he starts school and I go back to work on Thursaday.  Adam goes to school until 1 and then I have to go pick him up to go to the doctor's and get his shots.  Isn't that a stinker :( 

I so hope that he enjoys school this year.  He is going to be going to preschool one more year.  My sister is going to be his teacher, I love it :)  Haha and I really hope they do too!!!  Her assistant was Adam's teacher for the summer and he loves her.  Last year and this summer he only went for 4 hours - 3 days a week.  But he will be going all day - 5 days a week this year. 

I guess one of the reasons I am so sad is the fact I work nights.  I won't be able to see him as much as I like to, we do love hanging together laughing.  But I will have to make sure I give him some great attention, I do not want him missing me too!!  I know I am sure it will affect me more then him, my mom already informed me. LOL!!

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