Spring is coming!

I am so excited to see the warm weather is coming! I am feeling much happier and enjoying playing outdoors with Adam. It is so beautiful and I am hoping for very little to no more snow!!! I am ready to start getting the yard prepared for playing. And planting flowers.

I hope everyone is having an awesome warm day :)


  1. I am hoping for no more snow as well.

    So far so good.

    Enjoy your day.

  2. Following from MBC! Good to see you back after a break. I just started blogging at http://justicecwscutestuff.blogspot.com and I am finding it to be very therapeutic so I hope the same for you during this tough time. Nice to meet you, Christine

  3. I am your newest follower From MBC :-)

    You can find me here~

  4. Hey you! I thought that I was already following you, but I guess not. Now following from MBC! Hope you are having a great Friday! YAY for spring!

  5. I love spring! I thought spring was here for good until we started getting snow last night!

  6. Woohoo Spring!!
    Visiting and following from FFF @ MBC

  7. Hi, yeah spring is here and I love it! I am following from MBC and the FFF group and I hope you would like to follow me back at http://joshealthcorner.blogspot.com/


  8. Robyn,
    Wondering how it's going for you? How is home life? I just saw a few of your previous posts and wanted you to know if you need anything let me know. I've been through it all and understand.
    I can't WAIT to plant flowers as well!!

  9. I too am happy for the warmer temps. The sun warms the soul.

  10. Robyn,
    Your blog is beautiful! I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get over and check you out. I joined the group you created FFF @ MBC and it's awesome! And I must say I love your name. My brother spells it the same way. =)

  11. I love spring, I just wish it actually felt like it here. Its been cold and rainy. Spring where are you??

  12. Hi Robyn, it's cold and rainy in Southern California today but I'm looking forward to those nice Spring days ahead too :)

    I'm following from MBC. Please follow me too :)

  13. I have to laugh (cry)...because here in Arizona, we are in the triple-digits--until probably the end of October!!! YIKES! At least we will have monsoon season in another month or so, which will at least provide cooler weather for 15 minutes or so!

    following you thru MBC--follow me?