Getting healthy!

I've been using the trampoline and treadmill everyday - tomorrow will be a week 😄. Today I had a banana and yogurt for breakfast, tuna and crackers and an orange for lunch, dinner chicken salad and rice.  Lots of water!!!  


A new year - a new me!

I'm starting this new year with a goal to lose weight and get healthy!!!  I've been using my treadmill and eating healthy.  I'm loving it!  I join a beachbody club on facebook - my cousin is in charge of the group.  She had us all make sweat cash jars, when we lose a pound - put a quarter or dollar in!!  I'm hoping to get this jar filled and buy new smaller clothes!!! 
Wish me luck in my weight lose adventure!!!  I will be updating daily on my loss😄

Here's my before picture:

The adventures of homeschooling

I have started a facebook page, The adventures of homeschooling.  I'd like to invite you all to join 

We are talking about anything and everything to do with homeschooling.  I started homeschooling last February and LOVE learning as much as I can and sharing my ideas and what curriculum works best for my son.

Thank you so much,
Simply Delightful in Second grade